3D Printed Gauge Bezel

Finally got a working prototype for my main gauge bezel, had to have this one printed on a much better printer than the one my buddy has. his just wouldn’t print it for some reason. the fit is almost perfect. just need to put the dash in the car once i get it back from body shop jail and make sure I am happy with the angle of the gauges and make it permanent…

dash1_n dash2_n dash3_n

Dash Bezel Prototype 2.0

Well the first prototype did’nt turn out right, had the angle off on one side so I trashed the printed prototype. I redid my drawing to adjust the angles, and sent it over to be printed and should hopefully have a new one in a day or so.

The new design is a lot slimmer and has the recess cuts to sink the gauge in farther in at a 10 deg up angle to point the gauge towards the drivers face, and has spots for some 3mm LED’s for turn signals, high beam indicator and a check engine light