LSX Concepts

I have officially opened my new business LSX Concepts with the help of my good friend who has been in the automotive racing industry for over 30 years, during the course of building my project car we saw a lot of products I purchased for my project for premium prices just didn’t have the quality and workmanship we expected and both of us were disappointed. Which lead us to design and manufacture our own similar and superior products.

And as a fabricator and machinist I knew I could manufacture these products at a competitive price without sacrificing quality. so they are now available to the general public, the first few new products are now available on our website or from our eBay store and we will continue to add new products as we finalize production and prototyping.

Rolling Chassis

Well its been quite a few months since I have posted any updates here… Life’s been kinda crazy the last few months, quit my job, opened my own business, and designed my own line of LS3 accessory brackets for muscle cars…..

But the really good news is quitting my job has given me a lot of time to work on the Chevelle… and I have now a fully rolling chassis. We measured the car up and test fitted some rims my friend had laying around off his C4 corvette… actually they were off just a bit from a ok fit. so we crunched the numbers and found out with a little spacing we could bolt on C6/C7 wheels…

Now our original calculations showed we could bolt on the C6/C7 wheels in the back on the Camaro IRS with no spacer, but as luck would have it we needed to space the wheel out just a bit to clear the brake caliper. so I ended up with a 10MM/ .375 spacer which I bought on eBay for 30.00… figured I couldn’t build them for that cheap. but when it came time for the front spacer I just couldn’t find a spacer I liked. So I got some material from a friend who just so happend to have a 7 inch by 3 foot piece of 6061-t6 bar stock and he cut me off two pieces big enough for my spacers… and I made my own spacers… I really like how these turned out.

IMG_3114IMG_3115IMG_3116IMG_3117IMG_3118IMG_3101 IMG_3100 IMG_3099 IMG_3098 IMG_3097 IMG_3096 IMG_3095 IMG_3102 IMG_3126

So now I have a completed and rolling chassis, only thing left to do on the chassis is run brake and fuel lines on the frame… but I wont be doing that till I pull the body back off and I wont be doing that for quite a while.

I have moved on and started looking at plumbing the dry sump, cooling system and intercooler for the ZL1 supercharger, fitting some more of the interior parts, and started thinking about wiring up the car…. that’s a scary thought.

IMG_3092 IMG_3091 IMG_3090 IMG_3081 IMG_3074 IMG_3093

That’s it for now…..

Chevelle Progress

Well got the body sitting on the chassis, still need some more clearance trimming in the trunk and need to work on mounting the rubber seal for the suspension intrusion into the trunk, I also started working on a design for a new fuel tank to house two GM ZL1 fuel modules that will be controlled by a Vaporworx duel pump controller to provide enough fuel for 800+HP using off the shelf GM fuel Modules

IMG_2836 IMG_2837 IMG_2838 IMG_2841 IMG_2827 IMG_2828 IMG_2829 IMG_2830 IMG_2831 IMG_2832 Lower Tank Panel 3.0-iso Lower Tank Panel 3.0-2 Lower Tank Panel 3.0-1

Chevelle IRS Rolling Chassis

The chassis came of the jig this last weekend and is now officially a roller, still needs a little work to be 100% complete. but is complete enough to start fitting the body to the chassis. it has been to long it seems since this was a rolling chassis prior to making the decision to install the IRS. ride height is set and I will work on fitting the body in the next few weeks. I will loose a good portion of the trunk for the cantilever suspension… but who cares its a race car….




ZL1 Front Brakes

Finished my prototype brackets to fit the 2013 ZL1 front brakes on the Chevelle today, we already have ZL1 brakes on the IRS rear and i wanted to keep the same brakes on the front. While the location is almost perfect. I need to re-machine them using a thicker piece of material so we can move the caliper about .075 towards the rotor.


Cantilever IRS Progress

Made just a little more progress on the IRS Cantilever last night… Got the mounting holes for the coil over remote canisters drilled and mounted and started working on a fixture plate for the mill so I can drill and tap some horizontal holes in some of the bars to finish all the mounting of the bars, got the main bars chambered as well..

A little more IRS progress

I am slowly chipping away at the IRS for the Chevelle, We have a final design for the Cantilever setup, I have all the pieces ordered and all the raw material in house. I will start making chips on the mill soon as I get a small break from life and can spend some time on the car. The cantilever arms are currently being water-jet cut from 4130 Chromemoly plate and should be here next week. the only thing missing in the pictures here is the big 40x21x1/2 inch Aluminum main plate which is at my buddy’s shop since its to big to fit on my mill…

IMG_217810404886_10204685232558639_2889574883522111062_n 10527441_10204685232438636_2154726568906661422_n IMG_2140 IMG_2141 IMG_2142 IMG_2158 IMG_2176

Custom Dash Progress

Made some progress on a lot of things on the car, just haven’t had time to post up changes on the website. so here are some shots of the progress on my custom dash I am currently building.

The main gauge bezel was designed in solid-works and then printed on my friends Maker-bot 3D printer. because of the small print area of the printer i ended up having to print the bezel in multiple pieces and then epoxying them together. Over all I am quite happy with the outcome and is a one of a kind piece. I am still working on additional pieces for the dash, Vent bezels, A/C control bezels, etc… When I get around to printing them I will post up some pictures of the progress on the dash.
10258268_10204166387987849_4710998468471727246_o 10257064_10204185414143491_4473612521695835176_o 906287_10204210372247428_1541695353894997697_o IMG_2035 IMG_2053 IMG_2054 IMG_2055 IMG_2057 IMG_2058 IMG_2059 IMG_2075 IMG_2076 IMG_2077 IMG_2078 IMG_2079